A Mindset for Web Design

Many months ago, I spoke with a woman in the natural healthcare industry. She said, “I want my website to feel like I’m inviting a friend over for a cup of coffee.” Those words have stuck in my brain ever since. Was her desire crazy or insightful?

Connecting with customers in person builds more trust than connecting through a screen. Knowing this, how can you make your website feel as warm as a face-to-face meeting? How can you let your prospective customer know they’re not just a number to you?


Your primary goal when creating a website is probably to “get more customers.” This is great! You’ve set an intention for your website. Now let’s go further. Your product or service may be helpful to just about anyone. However, you’ll be more successful if you are specific. Picture your ideal customer. What do they look like? What is their life like? What are their worries? What makes them happy?

As you write the text, select your images, decide on the structure, etc., make decisions with that customer in mind. Find a picture of what they would look like and post it by your desk. When you come up with questions (Is this sentence necessary? Will this image be helpful? Should I make my logo bigger?), ask yourself what would most benefit this person.

Of all the people involved in your website, your ideal customer is the most important one. Keeping the focus on them and being as specific as possible will not only get their attention but might also make them feel like they’re enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend.